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Monday, 1 October 2012

Reminder .. Please help me keep this site running ...

I just wanted to remind everyone PRETTY PLEASE if you are running a giveaway OR see a giveaway, UK or International PRETTY PLEASE email me it at
I REALLY lack time so may take a few days to put it up but I always put it up and I really have zero time to be surfing the net looking for them like I used to so I appreicate any help.
I really hope this site doesn't just fade away =(


  1. Jodie, sweetie! Why don't you have it as a weekly linky? Then all of us can fill in our giveways, instead of you doing it, and you only need to delete some entries once a week when giveaway runs out.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion
      The thing is there is already sites which do the linky thing whereas with this site I wanted to provide more information about it.
      Also emailing me with a link is about as much effort as adding it to a linky so just a bit more work for me =)


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