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Friday, 16 September 2011


Hiya everyone!
I know Hannah joined us awhile ago to help out but now she is quite busy with blogging so I am wondering if there is anyone who may be willing to post some giveaways?
I don't expect some everyday but around 5-10 a week would be good!
Please email me at : booksforcompany @

Please do keep in mind it's your responsibility to find the giveaways, post them up and update the list as you go along (I know, I am bad with that!)
If you are not someone who blog hops a lot and therefore doesn't come across enough giveaways then you would have to actively seek giveaways which can take time. 


  1. Jodie! ROFL 10-20 a week? Did you mean 1-2 a week? :)))

  2. Well with so many giveaways going on they aren't that hard to find.
    I lowered the number =)
    To be honest, 1-2 a week wouldn't make that much difference.


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