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Monday, 11 July 2011

Help with UK Book Giveaways

I have said l few times l am not yet ready to make UK Giveaways into a group blog. I like knowing exactly what giveaways are up and when. When the  list was updated and what still needs to be added etc BUT l have to admit, l need help.
I can't keep this as up to date as you guys deserves.
So basically l need someone who on average can add around 20 giveaways a week. I would prefer if it was a person who has followed for a while so you know how everything works. Also need the person to be able to update the list AT LEAST once a week.
I sadly don't have much money so can't offer anything like money or vouches for doing this but it would be great if anyone could!
Please email me at booksforcompany @ if you feel you can put up with me. Please note l may be picky if you work with me, l am rather protective of my blogs (<3)
I am thinking that there will be a set day for both of us to update the list. So maybe l do it on Sundays and you on Wednesdays. Yes you can see how annoying l may be!

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