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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Thank you!

6 people have already filled the form out and it means SO much!!!

One idea - 
Someone has mentioned and brought up a good idea of doing a weekly round up post of the giveaways posted in that week.

As most of you know l run Books for Company and therefore Sunday is a busy day with a IMM post + round up BUT if l do get time l hope to be able to do a round up post! Thank you again. Maybe if someone had time to do the round up posts for me. I know some people have mentioned making this a team blog but at the moment it's not something l want to venture into.
Email me at booksforcompany  @ if you may be interested. It will just involve listing all the Monday to Sunday and linking all of the giveaways up!

Another idea
Quickly editing this post as someone just said they would like giveaways to be tagged with the genre of the book being given away! I plan to do this =)

Someone did mention that it would be awesome if l could do US giveaways. I apologise, as you mentioned yourself it would triple the workload + it's against the point of this site. I do hope the international giveaways are useful for you and appreciate your feedback + support even though your from the US! Thank you

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